If you need more than 1h to write a good article, you’re on the way to being a bad writer.

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Let’s make a premise. The title of this article isn’t to be taken literally. Of course I do believe some pieces require more time and research. The point is not whether it takes you 1 hour or 2 hours to write an article or 55 minutes and a half. It doesn’t matter.

This article’s goal is to convince you that you don’t need a lot of time to write a good quality article. …

Messiness is the first ingredient

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Writing everyday is a lot. It’s more time and effort-consuming than we might realise the first time we set this goal. And I’ve been pushing myself to write 5k words everyday, so.

If you study or work full-time, then it’s even more challenging. It does take a lot out of you, especially if you want to do a good job and write something meaningful and helpful — which is not even realistic to do everyday. It’s indeed almost utopic to expect yourself to write a good article — or articles — everyday.

I don’t believe in needing inspiration to write…

You’d be surprised at what you can get done in 5 minutes

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I’ve been working as a freelance writer while also being a full-time computer science student for about 6 months now. On top of that, I’m determined to learn 3 new languages this year, I exercise 6 times a week and just started a small youtube channel.

There’s a lot on my plate, and I’d lie if I said it’s an easy and effortless routine — it’s the opposite. It takes a lot of effort and discipline. If you’ve ever tried working and studying simultaneously, you know what I’m talking about.

I was so scared of not being able to handle…

it feels like the world is crashing around me

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It’s so easy to fall back into scrolling on Facebook and read countless articles, one after the other, all describing a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. And panicking. And feeling the need to cover yourself under the blankets like when you were a kid and thought a monster was hiding under your bed. But then you wake up the next morning and nothing has changed. It’s just getting worse. And you can’t leave home now, can’t see your friends, can’t take a walk to enjoy the early-spring sun in Italy.

It’s hard when it feels like the…

I’m quarantined in Italy, and technology has become my new best friend.

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Italy is completely quarantined, and that’s where I’m writing from right now. We can barely go out for grocery shopping, and it’s still suggested they we do it as little as possible. Besides primary-necessity food markets, everything is closed. No pubs, schools, bars or other spots for normal social encounters. Even during shopping, we have to keep a distance of at least a meter from each other.

It’s easy to feel isolated in this situation and desperate for human contact. Even worse when you live alone. …

There’s only one reason you’re failing at habit building: you’re doing it wrong.

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I’ve been freelance writing for a couple of years now, and the first thing you learn as a business owner is: it’s all up to you. How you schedule your time, how you actually decide to spend it, how you manage your money, and whether you choose to get up early or sleep in.

Most of the time, you even get the chance to work from home (I signed up for a co-working space a couple of months now — best decision ever!) and nobody’s there to tell you what you need to get done by today, tomorrow, or next…

So that you can write more and make more money. Quality doesn’t lie in the effort

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I used to think the more effort you put in and for longer, the better the article or piece of content will be. Combine this belief with ever-lasting perfectionism (like in my case), and you get a deadly match.

After thousands of hours spent working as a freelance writer, I found out how shallow and dangerous this mindset really is. It can deplete your energies and waste your best hours of focus — leaving you to burn out every few weeks or months.

I proved this idea wrong when I got my first semi-viral article here on Medium. I was…

I love getting new ideas and words out of my mind, I love producing tons of content, but I hate sitting down to write.

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To prevent any misunderstanding, I want to say that I truly do enjoy writing. I love the idea of being able to convert the messy ideas and concepts in my head into a somewhat readable and understandable form. I love creating, and writing is one of the most satisfying forms of creation in my opinion. So let’s start on that note.

What I don’t like tough, is sitting down to write. I was never a fan of the 9–5 office culture. I hated sitting down at school. I don’t have problems focusing, I just don’t like sitting still for long…

On average, viewers have an attention span of 8 seconds.

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As a business, your website means a lot, probably more than what you’re currently assuming. It’s just not something you can overlook.

Your website can operate as a business card, CEO and even 24/7 salesman if you play your cards right. It represents your first impression and can definitely determine whether you land a client or not.

Don’t let it happen to you, don’t leave money on the table because of the following 3 website mistakes.


First off, you should always keep in mind that at any time your brand is communicating a message. But the thing is you’re either…

If you don’t believe in email marketing…then this is even more for you.

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There’d be a lot to say about email marketing mistakes b2b companies make. The first one is not using it. Most companies indeed don’t even consider email marketing a resource for their business growth in the first place — which is plain…WRONG!

Email marketing is one of the best business tools available around because it’s a great way to establish a direct relationship with your leads and therefore sell without resulting annoying. People fell bombarded with in-your-face ads all day every day, and this gets tiring after a while. Instead, reading something directly from your email inbox feels a lot…

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